Gerda Regina Hitz
Gerda Regina Hitz

Welcome to my world of perceptions.

I work as an independent artist in my home town of Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

I took up paintig in 1995, first working with aquarelles an then moving on to pictures using oil pastels and oil paint. Later, I discoveres acrylic paint an since then I have been experimenting with diverse techniques.

Painting express experiences, thougts an dreams. They reflect moodes and are a mirror of the soul - my soul and emotions. They can and shoult engage and stimulate the viewer.

I hope you enjoy viewing the paintings displayed here.


  • 1958 born in Kiel (Germany)
  • 1982 gave birth to twin children
  • 1975 - 1982 took up art as a hobby
  • 1990 attained state qualification as a vocational teacher
  • 1995 resumtion of artistic activities
  • 1995 - to date
    study visits to Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Hungary and Africa
  • 2003 - 205 founder member of the collective atelier K34
  • 2003 - to date active as an independent artist
  • 2006 establishment of my own private atelier
I experiment with all materials which lend themselbes to the creation of paintings and installations. Currently, I am working principally with acrylic paints, acrylic spray and oil paints. During the process of creating pictures, materials such as steel wool, glass, plaster, textiles, polystyrene, paper and wood are often incorporated into the paintings. I paint with brushes, trowels, rollers an also with my fingers.

The themes, with which I have concerned myself intensively with over recent years, are Birt/Life/Death - and also the representation of landscapes, although with regard to the latter, it is not my intention to exactly recreate the experienced and the observed, but rather to reflect moods an feelings and to communicate these to the viewer.
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